Our curriculum follows the state standards for preschool age students and also corresponds to what is required for Kindergarten.  Some of the units are as follows:




Learning to sit and focus on a story; recalling some of the events; answer simple questions; identify what the story might be about based on the cover; story order; learning how to ask appropriate questions.



Identify cover, title, author, illustrator; predict content based on cover; be able to predict what might happen next; be able to answer questions; be able to recall events; story order; asking specific questions; learning the alphabet in depth – upper and lower case, writing letters, letter sounds, projects pertaining to the letter.


Counting;  patterns;  table games;  addition and subtraction;  shapes.


Learn the numbers 1-10 in depth – recognize the number, counting objects, writing the number, projects pertaining to the number; introduce numbers 11-20.



Review numbers 1-10; learn numbers 11-20 in depth; Money – penny, nickel, dime, quarter; how to count using tally marks; greater than/lesser than.r.




Weather bear/change of seasons; basic needs of plants; using magnifying glasses to look at leaves and other objects; sorting; graphing, clouds and rain, astronomy, camouflage.



Social Studies


Pledge of Allegiance/respect for flag and country; rules and consequences; community workers; globe.



Creative Thinking
& Expression


Music and movement; instruments (3-day); dramatic play – puppet theater, kitchen/babies, tool bench; visual arts.

Health & Wellness



Healthy foods and exercise; outside playtime; safety rules; large muscle activities.

Social/Emotional Development


Socially acceptable ways to express emotions/feelings; how others feel/empathy; everyone makes mistakes; we are all created special and unique; interaction with peers and teachers appropriately.