The design of WHY vs. WHAT Leader Guide is intended for study groups of six to twelve people. However, if circumstances dictate smaller or larger groups, “Go For it.” Once the Leader(s) of the group are identified, preparation for the sessions begins. Materials for Leader(s) to draw from are:


  1. Holy Bible
  2. WHY vs. WHAT book
  3. Leaders’ Discussion Guide notebook
  4. Approximately 3 to 6-minute videos—professionally prepared and presented by Pastors from Halifax UMC


Participants can expect to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of God’s love for us. This love is demonstrated by the fact that He will never leave nor forsake us—even in times when we have nothing but WHY questions and we need to get onto the WHAT questions (i.e., what does God want to accomplish through these events).

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Videos are available to assist you as you go through the Why vs What Leader's Guide.  Just click the header links below:


Why Vs What Book – YouTube Channel



Session 1

Grace: The Foundation of God’s Relationship To Us— Understanding How God Loves Usv

Session 2

Making Plans—How Does God Fit In? Working Out How We Plan Our Life With How God Plans Our Life

Session 3

When We Can’t See Around the Corner—Having Faith When We Don’t Have Facts

Session 4

When Your World Is Falling Apart—When Getting Angry With God Seems Reasonable

Session 5

Learning to Lean on Others—Isolate and Insulate Versus Serving and Being Served

Session 6

Moving from WHY to WHAT—God Redeems the Tragedies of Life

Session 7

New Beginnings—Handling the big Decisions

Session 8

More than My Life—Your Life and Choices Will Impact the Lives of Others

Session 9

In God’s Hands—When Prayer Seems To Go Unanswered

Session 10

Forgive Us Our Debts, As We Forgive Our Debtors— Understanding the Nature of Forgiveness

Session 11

The Power of Words—Using Words to Speak Life Over Others

Session 12

When your World is Falling Apart—When getting Angry with God seems Reasonable


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Author Ron Reitz holds a degree in Secondary Education Mathematics, a Stonier Graduate School of Banking Degree, an Associate Management Degree, and Certified Lay Minister (CLM) credentials from the United Methodist Church.


These educational experiences, along with 40+ years of experience in the Human Resources Management, Consulting, and Lay Ministry fields, have enabled him to effectively interact with a variety of people. Ron’s approach as he interacts and shares the Gospel is to plant “seeds” of truth into their minds and then waits for watering and harvesting instructions.


By staying in close contact with God through prayer and Bible reading, Ron continues to receive direction from God. This enables him to stay connected with God as He helps people get off the “why” questions and get on with the “what” questions and seeing how God works!